more than just mountains

Customised Mountain Specialists

Unlike Big Tour Operator with their endless lists of holiday destinations to chose from, like in the aisle of a supermarket, we’ve opted for a more personal approach. A more mountain approach. We’d rather get in touch with you; find out what you like and dislike; what you expect or what your experience is; what you want or don’t want. It’s by communicating and finding out about each other, by answering all those little questions and dealing with the tiny details, that you get the trip your dreaming of. We don’t just want to sell you a mountain holiday,  we’d rather create a mountain experience that suits your desires. One that you will remember. One that makes you feel alive.


My name is Dan, I live with my wife and son in the Pyrenees mountains. I feel privileged to able to say that the mountains our my workplace. The Pyrenees are beautiful mountains that stretch from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. They are my home. I served as a Paratrooper in a specialised mountain combat unit for the French Foreign Legion. I qualified as a Mountain Leader 2008 with a goal to share my passion for the mountains. Today I am a qualified climbing, mountain bike and orienteering instructor and love what I do more than ever.


Mountain Sessions proposes several options for putting together your mountain trip, allowing the maximum amount of people to benefit from this ultimate holiday style. You can choose to customise one activity such as hiking, climbing etc. or mix them up to create the perfect multi-activity combination, so everyone can get in on the action. The possibilities are endless. Our guidance priceless.


This is by far the best way to achieve the trip that your dreaming of. Trekking, hiking, walking or strolling, we can make it what you want. Live experiences to share with friends, family, club members or colleagues. You can choose to go self-guided and have all the logistics taken care of or opt for a professional guide who can keep you safe and unlock the mysteries of the mountains. Whether you’re looking for adventure or just a breath of fresh air, we’re sure to able to create the trip you want.


Cross country, downhill, freeride, bike park, touring or even road biking. We organise your bike session on and off the trail. Need a mechanic? Done! Want a guide? Done! Need Lift passes? Done! Fancy some pickups & drop offs? Done! Want a massage at the end of the day? We can get that for you too. All the details can be dealt with, all you need to do is turn up. You don’t even need to bring a bike as we can sort out bike hire for you too.


Ever reach the foot of a crag and wondered what gradings the routes are? Ever reached a crag only to find that it’s closed due to hunting or the bird mating season? These are just a few of the problems that we can deal with for you when putting your trip together. Don’t want to bring your kit? Fine we can rent it out. Fancy some bouldering? No problems. Want to climb in sun, in the Pyrenees, in one of the best climbing areas in the world? We’ve got that covered too.

Pyrenean Sessions

The Pyrenees is my homeland. These mountains have taught me much and given me more than I could ever hope for. It’s here that we live as a family and it is here that we have two pre-organise trips a year, one in the summer and one in the winter. We welcome you to our home in the summer to benefit from the homegrown produce of our garden, the long warm evenings and of course the beautiful hiking routes in our local area. In the winter keep warm by the large open fire, enjoy the local food and wine and discover the enchantment of hiking in the snow-covered mountains. These are two pre-organised, fully catered for trips that we have made every effort to keep as authentic and comfortable as possible. Both trips are for those who wish to discover the mountains with family, friends or as a couple. The solitary traveller who wishes to meet new people is of course equally welcome.

La Maison de Bernadette

Our family has had connections with the Pyrenees for over a hundred years. Migrating from the south to the north, we ended up in the quite village of Artalens in the Vallée des Gaves. Our home that was built in the late 1700’s now welcomes guests from around the world. The house is a perfect base camp for people to discover the heart of the Pyrenees. Mountain Sessions runs two trips a year from the house. The rest of the time people are able to come and stay as and when they choose.  Visit our Eco-Chalet


In Europe, being responsible for someone in the mountains has always been taken seriously. From the early 1900’s the profession of mountain guide has evolved and improved. Today it is a legal obligation for someone who wants to take people into the mountains to be at least an IML. Trained guides are the best at what they do and bring so much more than just security to a trip. We posses an intimate knowledge of the mountains and have a human connection that is unique. The importance of hiring a real mountain guide is more than just your security and pleasure, it may be required for your travel insurance to be valid. Mountain Sessions only uses fully qualified Mountain Guides and Instructors.

Difficulty grading made easy

At Mountain Sessions we have noticed that one of the biggest questions people coming to the mountains have is ‘how hard is it going to be?’. There are numerous grading systems that have been developed by different tour operators and guides. These are often complicated, crazy and incomprehensible. We have taken the complicated and made it simple. We have taken the familiar system used in skiing or mountain biking and applied it to walking. We all know that a Black run is the hardest or a Green run is the easiest, well here it’s the same.